Junk Shop Theatre Company was set up by Loreto and Beth to invest in the creative talents of young people in the East Midlands. Working with professionally trained actors and directors, members have the opportunity to create and perform in a wide range of theatrical styles, from classical text-based work to quirky devised pieces.

At Junk Shop the emphasis is 3-fold:

  • Giving young people opportunities to work with professional practitioners
  • To identify and develop their own skills and talents
  • To find their own voice as creative individuals and to become part of the East Midlands Arts community.

The company works together learning professional acting techniques as well as exploring less traditional approaches to creating performance. This is particularly useful for those who are looking to take Drama, Theatre Studies or Performing Arts at GCSE, A-level and beyond. Beth and Loreto are familiar with the curriculum requirements of these subjects.

We organise regular trips to see a wide variety of performances. This encourages young people to engage culturally and critically with live performance and stimulates ideas for creating material. It also gives opportunities for members of the company to engage with each other socially. Most of the theatre, comedy and films we love have come from artists who collaborate regularly. We believe that community is an essential ingredient in growing creatively. At Junk Shop we want our members to feel they belong and have ownership of something exciting and dynamic.